Tuesday, 7 July 2015

In My Little Gold Book

Today's mani is inspired by the Kate Spade notebook where I write all of my designs and try out new things. I go the notebook at the beginning of the year when my trust Moleskine ran out and I just adore it. It's the perfect size to carry around but it has so many polish splodges in it now that it absolutely stinks so I get some funny looks when I pull it out. I love my book and the pages make me smile as some of them are so beaten up. So today I'm going to give you a little look at the planning stages of my designs. This is a photo heavy post so I'll try to keep words to a minimum. 

The design is inspired by the book itself. It's a cute little gold notebook with a bright pink edge to the pages and some god polka dots on the inner covers. This Primark pink is actually a really bright neon shade which my camera couldn't really pick up. The neon set I bought from Primark is, colour-wise, the best. They are just like highlighters. 

How do you guys plan your designs? Do you jot down ideas in a notebook or do you just go for it? 

Emma x


  1. I've recently started up a mini nail book and yours has given me a tone of inspiration for how to use it. I've heard a lot about the Kate Spade stationary and they're ever so pretty. Adore the nail art!


  2. I love that pink nail colour =]



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