Saturday, 11 July 2015

If You Like Pina Colada

Yesterday was national Pina Colada day so we thought today was a good day for pineapple nails! This design was completely inspired by one I saw on Instagram from @tinseltownnails. I fell in love with it straight away even though I feel myself slowly falling out of love with pineapple designs (I know, what?!). Such a good look for summer. 

I used a few OPI polishes for this design: The Berry Thought Of You* (pink base), Life Gave Me Lemons* (yellow pineapple), You Are So Outta Lime* (green pineapple). The purple shade is a Primark one from a set. Primark polishes never have names which really annoys me! 

I do love a good cocktail but unfortunately did not celebrate yesterday with a Pina Colada. I did have a cheeky vodka cranberry after work but no cocktails. Maybe tonight I'll make up for it!

Emma x

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  1. This is such a cute idea, so bright and perfect for Summer!



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