Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Having A Field Day

I have this horrible habit of buying either polishes in threes or buying complete collections. The first - groups of three - is a bot of a weird OCD thing I guess, and the second - buying whole ranges - is just a nail polish hoarder thing which is even worse! When I saw this mini range of three polishes by Collection in Boots I had to have it. Of course! 
This range has been out for quite a while I think but I only saw it for the first time in store a week or so ago. I don't actually tend to buy that many polishes any more as I purposefully avoid the isles but sometimes I just like to see if I have missed anything new. Like these. And then I end up buying them all:/

Heather is a beautiful lilacy-grey that I absolutely adore. It's my favourite of the collection although it is probably the least summery of the bunch. This is a year round work shade for sure. 
Peony is a great one for the pink lovers among you. I'm a bit all or nothing with pinks, I like full on brights or girly baby shades but am not really one for these dusky rose tones. I'm not convinced that this suits my skin but it is a lovely colour. 
Peach Blossom is really cute but, like with Peony, I'm not sure that it suits my paler complexion. I do love peach shades so will definitely get some wear out of this but probably not as much as I should.
For £1.99 each these polishes apply really well. They were all opaque within two coats and pretty much flawless with three. I can't really comment on how well they last without chipping as I never have polish on long enough to test this. However, I can tell you that the most expensive polishes in my collection chip within one day so price is never a sure-fire sign of quality. 

This design was based on one in Nail It!* the brilliant book by Sophie at The Illustrated Nail. I know I raved about this in a previous post but I was flicking through it again today and it is seriously amazing. There are so many original designs I can't take it!

Do you guys have a method to the way you buy polishes? Please tell me I'm not the only slightly nutso one!

Emma x


  1. The pink and the peach shade is stunning and your nail are is super cute!

  2. This is such a pretty collection, I love the peach shade!


  3. This design is so cute! The three shades look great together.

  4. These are so pretty =]



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