Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy Fourth Of July

fourth of july nail art
Happy 4th July everyone!! I know this is a holiday we don't celebrate here in the UK but why does that mean we can't join in the fun? Emma did a couple of really cool 4th July nails last year (here and here) and I was a bit jealous that I'd forgotten to do my own, luckily I remembered this year. I went for an all out, bright and bold, red white and blue design. With glitter. Obvs. 
fourth of july nail art
The polishes I used for this design were Rimmel - Royal So and So!*, and Barry M - Blood Orange, Red Glitter, Lady and Cotton*. Starting with the stripes I used a couple of coats of Cotton* as a base and then striped on Blood Orange lines. When they were dry I added a thin coat of Red Glitter to add some sparkle. The starry nails began with Royal So and So!* and then I drew the stars on in Cotton* using a small brush. I topped the stars with Lady, again to add a touch of sparkle. 
fourth of july nail art
I thought these nails might come out looking a bit garish. I was right, but I love it! They're super American, or what we Brits like to think of as American, probably in the same way all Americans think we sit around drinking tea all the time... wait, we actually do. 

Hope everyone's enjoying Independence Day, let us know in the comments if you're doing anything fun to celebrate!

Jo x

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