Friday, 24 July 2015

Happily Ever After with Mavala

I have to admit that we hadn't heard of Mavala until their team contacted us recently. Never ones to turn down the offer of samples we agreed to test out their products for the blog. We expected a couple of polishes to try, but received a whole bag full of goodies, off to a good start!

There were a ton of nail treatments in the bag that we will work through in time, and loads of polish colours which we will definitely take a while to get through! I picked out a few of each for today's design and preliminary review. 

All the polishes are mini 5ml bottles with cute pleated lids, which are apparently inspired by the miniskirts of the 60's, when Mavala was started. Even cuter was the little 'Happily ever after' trio of soft pinks and nudes, so I decided to try this out first.
All the treatments made me think about how badly I look after my nails, and that I should really start using more products to care for them. That thought, combined with the soft shades of the Happily ever after set, inspired me to go back to basics with a simple french manicure. This gave me the opportunity to test out a base coat/treatment, two polishes and a top coat from our bag of goodies!

The Base: I started my mani with Ridge Filler*, which can be used as a base or on it's own. Mavala say that it 'evens out ridges and surface irregularities and helps colour glide on smoothly', and I mostly agree. My nails are fairly ridged so it didn't cover them entirely but did significantly improve the smoothness of my nails and dried to a lovely matte finish. I will definitely use this again.

The Polish: I only ended up using one of the polish trio, Wichita*, a very sheer pink hued polish which is perfect for super nude nails or a cute french mani! I used two coats of Wichita* before adding the white tips. The polish I used for the tips is simply called White*, and it does what it says on the tin. It didn't seem totally opaque on first use but after a good shake it was much better. Hard to say how well it would cover a nail but the formula is perfect for french tips as it glides on smoothly and the brush is nice and neat. 

The Topcoat: I had two topcoats to choose from and as I wasn't in a rush I went for Gel Finish* over MavaDry* (will defo be testing this one soon though!) Mavala's Gel Finish* topcoat is designed to 'give your manicure extra volume, smoothness and gloss for a 3D high shine look'. It had a good formula and applied well, although I should have waited a bit longer to apply it as the brush is quite hard and I smudged the polish a touch. It's not a quick dry topcoat but didn't take too long to set. It certainly gives my nails a plump looking finish, that combined with the french mani makes them look a little like the stick-ons I used to buy from Boots as a teenager, although hopefully less plastic! 
It isn't the neatest of french manicures I have to admit, but it's nice to have something on my nails that makes me feel a little more grown up. I'm sure I'll be itching to get the bright colours back on tomorrow!!

Apologies for such a wordy post, I just had quite a lot to say about the products. Overall I'm impressed with what I've seen so far and looking forward to getting into the bag of polish to create some nail art!

You can buy Mavala polishes on a number of beauty websites and in larger Boots stores, I've also found them in John  Lewis. The polishes start at around £4.75 each, Ridge Filler (5ml) is £5.70 at John Lewis, and they also have the Gel Finish topcoat (10ml) I used for £15.00. 

If you are already a fan of this brand please let us know in the comments! 

Jo x

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  1. This is such a lovely look, as simple as a french manicure is, its nice to tone down your nails once in a while. These sounds like really impressive products, how is the wearing time for the top coat?



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