Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Half Skittle With Studs

Emma did a skittle mani for Pride recently, using a group of polishes from Barry M's Speedy Nail Paint collection. Coincidentally I did a skittle mani using the same collection on the same day. It's weird how often this happens to us. I thought I'd wait a little while before posting my version as I'm sure you guys don't want to see us repeating ourselves!

The polishes I used were thumb: Pole Position*, fingers L-R: Stop The Clock*, Kiss Me Quick*, Lap Of Honour* and Eat My Dust*. I covered half of each nail with masking tape and painted a couple of coats of polish on the tips, before removing the tape. I didn't manage to get them very even and it highlights that my nails are slightly different lengths. Oops, must pay more attention in the future!

I topped the half nails with Seche and stuck the studs into the topcoat. I'd advise using nail glue if you want the studs to stay in place longer. My studs are a bit too large but they're the only ones I have at the moment. A little shopping haul of nail embellishments is way way overdue!
Emma and I are a little worried that we're becoming the same person, even Facebook matched us as 'soulmates' the other day!! Hopefully you've noticed that this blog is run by two different people and we don't come across as one. We like to try to get our individual personalities across but that can be hard when you're just talking about nail art, maybe we should start to tell you a bit more about ourselves?! 

Jo x



  1. This is such a cute design, I adore pastel shades of nail polish!

  2. This is a very cute idea =]


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