Friday, 3 July 2015

Emma's Top Five Polishes For Summer

Jo and I both did top five posts for our favourite spring polishes (here and here) which I enjoyed so I thought I'd do a summer version. Although I'm still using a lot of pastel shades for my designs I do enjoy wearing brighter shades on a daily basis when the sun is shining. For this reason not many of these polishes are from brand new collections as in recent months/years I've found summer collections to be a bit toned down with some darker shades. I want full on blinding shades for this heat! 

From left to right my top five for summer are:

The Berry Thought Of You* - OPI
I adore this shade! I raved about it when I reviewed it here. It looks so good in the sunshine. I usually like a paler pink for every day but this shade is so gorgeous I'm happy to substitute for summer. IT reminds me of a Barbie I used to have, the cowgirl one I think. 

Bora Bora - Models Own
I drag this colour out every summer. In fact it's my go-to gold for a lot of designs as it is paler than most gold polishes on the market. The shimmer is beautiful and even though it's a glitter it's subtle enough to wear as a stand alone polish for the average day.

Green Room - Topshop
You all know I love a minty green shade and this is one of my recent discoveries even though it's been out for quite a while. It's like one of my all time fave polishes, Barry M's Greenberry, but just a tad darker making it a bit more sophisticated.

Too Cool To Tango - Rimmel
This is another great shade for summer. Not everyone enjoys a blue polish (something tells me Jo isn't a huge bright blue fan) but I can't get enough. I was so happy when I found this as it reminds me of Models Own's Balearic Cool which has been discontinued as it tends to turn grey. Hopefully this one will stand the test of time. 

Mellow* - Graffiti Nails
I don't tend to wear yellow polishes all that often as my skin tone doesn't really suit them but I love this pale shade. I like that it's not that weird kind of shade that makes your nails look like you have a 20-a-day habit. That's not a good look for anyone.
I've given you an extra shot of the OPI shade as it's so beautiful! I can't get enough. 

Last year I was all about the neons for summer, particularly Maybelline's Bleached Neon range and the first set of Models Own's Polish for Tans collection. This year though I'm more into your classic bright summer shades. Love them!

What shades are you loving this summer?

Emma x


  1. I love them all but green room has to be my favourite =]

    1. Green Room is a great shade. I can't resist a mint green so it's unusual for the pink to be my favourite. Emma x


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