Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Big Fat Pandas

Do you ever think to yourself when painting a nail design 'how did this pop into my head?' That's exactly what I thought when I was doing this panda design. I genuinely have no idea how I went from 'oh it's probably time for me to do another cat design' to pandas. I'm kind of glad I did though as they are so cute and I adore this green shade from Barry M. It's just a bit random. Maybe it's my old age!

Now if I'm honest with myself I was incredibly impatient in creating this design which means the black lines aren't as smooth as I would have liked. Part of this was me rushing and part of this was my stupid Barry M black pen running wild on the dry polish. Why does it do this?! It's so annoying. You can see a bit in the eyes as well where the black and white shmushed into each other as I didn't wait for them to dry. Naughty Emma. If you want to see a perfectly executed panda design Jo created one a little while back here.

I love this green polish from Barry M. It's called Pole Position* and it works really well with my skin tone. I can imagine it wouldn't look great on everyone but if you're a bit paler like me it's great. 

I hope you like these little pandas despite their flaws. I think they're real cute!

Emma x


  1. This is adorable! You can never go wrong with a panda manicure. I definitely have those instances where I begin a nail art and I'm just like, well I didn't plan this but its cute!


  2. Such a cute design =]



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