Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Turquoise Aesthetic Tips

I know the O.P.I ColorPaints collection is designed to be used with the silver canvas base but I've been itching to try them over a white base. I love using white as a base for nail art as it really makes the colours stand out. The silver is gorgeous as it makes the colours really glow but they work really well with white too.

For this design I used Turquoise Aesthetic* and Indigo Motif*. I started with Turquoise Aesthetic* and layered it up from the edge of the nail using an almost dry brush. Adding layers darkens the colour so you're left with different shades of turquoise. I could have left it with just one colour but decided to add a touch of darker blue to give it a little more depth. 

This is such a simple design which is really quick and easy to do but the finish is pretty impressive! You can do this with normal polish but it would be much harder. The colorpaints are thin so they apply perfectly and are easy to layer up. 

I'm really enjoying trying out different things with this collection, any ideas what I should try next/

Jo x

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