Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Throwback Tuesday Is a Thing Now

Throwback Tuesdays are the new Thursdays, have you heard? Ok, not really, but we're having a bit of a throwback today anyway! This mani was inspired by the lovely Emma who created a similar one a fair while back - Centre Stripes. Emma used bleached neon Tropink by Maybelline for her design, but I chose the cool blue Cornflower Gleam by Models Own. I was tempted by a warm coral as the sun was shining, but this is a great time of year for soft blues too, and this is one of my favourite shades.

This is my favourite polish from the HyperGel collection (although I haven't tried them all) as, along with a stunning colour, the formula is nice and smooth. I have some HyperGels which are a bit harder to use than this one. The only thing I noticed about it this time I used it, which I haven't in the past, was the strange smell. We often find that blue polishes have an odd scent, it must be something to do with the pigments. 

I used Barry M nail art pens to add the centre stripes but I think I need a new black pen. It's so patchy! I wondered about going over all the black lines but decided that I liked the washed out look, now I'm looking more closely at the photos I'm not so sure...

I love getting inspiration from Emma, it's something I should do more often. Why spend hours searching for inspiration when there's a nail art guru right here!

Jo x

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