Saturday, 13 June 2015

Stormy Skies

An hour before finishing work at 9pm last night me and the girls in the office started dreaming of beer gardens and chilled glasses of wine. 2 minutes later the sky went black and it started absolutely pouring down. Sigh. This is why summer is not my favourite season. It's too unpredictable. What clothes do I wear when the weather can turn in a matter of moments? One minute boiling hot, next minute chilly and wet. Argh! So to reflect the current weather mood I have gone for a stormy gradient today.

Like the weather I find that gradients can be a little unpredictable for me. Sometimes I can get them spot on, others they take a little while to warm up or they just don't work at all. Today was a bit of a mixture. On some nails the colour took quite well while on others it's a bit patchy. The clean up today was all kinds of horrific too! I need to start putting something around the edge to make the clean up easier. I have some PVA glue, maybe that will work?
I used two colours today: Barry Ms Coconut* and OPIs Dark Side of the Mood*. The grey is quite sheer so building the colour took a bit of work. Overall though I like the way it blended. I finished off with a coat of Seche and a little silver stud from Born Pretty Store. 

Hope the weather is better where you are! Happy (grey) Saturday!

Emma x

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