Monday, 29 June 2015

Palm Accent

I can't think straight with the weather at the moment. This weekend went from soaring sunshine to overcast and rainy. I can't keep up! This is why I like winter; it's consistently miserable. When I thought of this design it was nice and sunny outside and my mind was wandering to my holiday coming up later in the year. When I came to actually doing it and taking the pictures it was pouring down with rain so it looked a bit weird. 

I didn't really care that they looked out of place in the rain though as they are quite cute. Even made me forget the horrid weather for a while. 

The mint shade is Barry M's Road Rage*. It's such a wearable mint green for summer. A good one for work if you are an office gal. 

Sorry for always rambling on about the weather but it has such a huge effect on my designs that it's all I seem to think about! 

Emma x

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  1. Love the palm tree in combination with the mint green and gold!


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