Monday, 8 June 2015

OPI AW15 Event: Dreaming of Venice

When we first starting blogging we didn't do it with the aim of getting into press events in the slightest so when we started to receive invites it was quite a nice surprise. However, it was also a nerve wracking experience for us as we don't really consider ourselves to be in the field of press and rubbing shoulders with people from big-name magazines can be a little bit daunting, especially when one of us has to make a solo appearance (usually Jo). We can often feel like very little fish in a big pond. Our love of seeing new collections and bringing you guys exclusive swatches though means that we go, we get sociable and we actually end up having a really good time. We realised though that we rarely actually tell you about the events, we just post some random pics and give you the swatches so here's a little sneak peak at the OPI AW15 Event. 

The theme of OPI's AW15 collection is Venice so the event stuck true to this with Italian motifs and props. Jo tried to get me in the gondola but after my last Coty event where I knocked over about ten human-sized cardboard cut-outs I wasn't falling for her tricks. So I made her get in!
Events like this usually have the polishes dotted around so that you can look at the product. OPI had put their polishes with Venice themed props so that you could really see the inspiration behind the colours and names. I like this as it gives you an insight into what they were thinking as well as helping bloggers like ourselves get better pics. 
You may have seen on our Twitter feed that I the opportunity of getting my nails painted by the lovely Sophie from The Illustrated Nail. We will have more on this in a later post as she was so friendly and answered lots of our keen questions about the industry so we want to give her more attention that we could in this post. Keep your eyes peeled for that!
One of the perks of going to an event such as this is, of course, the goodie bag at the end. This isn't just because we love a freebie but we genuinely love the products and want to show you them all as quickly as possible. Not saying that we don't love a freebie - of course we do - but we spent an awful lot of our own money on polish when starting this blog (and before) so that's not only what it's about for us. Again, we shall show you the collection in full in another post so that we can give you proper swatches but here are the polishes we got. 
Another of the perks of going to these events is that sometimes they give you a little cocktail or two. Jo and I got a little merry at this one as the cocktails were so good and they had Prosecco which is a personal fave of mine. So afterwards we strolled across the river, took some touristy pics, and had a "work dinner". Aka we got drunk while eating pizza (hey, it was an Italian themed night after all).

We promise we will start working on some more nail art posts this week, we were both incredibly busy last week so were a bit rubbish in doing new designs but we'll be back on it this week.

Emma x

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