Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ice-Cream Cones

Slapped wrists for me as I didn't post yesterday! It's our only day not to have posted anything so it felt a bit weird. There was a doom rising within me as the clock got to midnight and it seemed for a minute as though this would be the end. But fear not! We are still here! We just have very busy lives at the moment. I was going to whip something up when I got home from work at 11pm but the results would have been ridiculously bad so I decided to wait until this morning. 

When I got home there was an amazing package waiting for me: a copy of Nail It!* the new nail art book from The Illustrated Nail. We were lucky enough to meet Sophie at the OPI event  and found her so inspiring. I couldn't put the book down - it is without a doubt the best nail art book out there. The reason for this is that the designs are original and the photos are fuss free. They have also clearly been done by hand in polish which sounds silly but some books we have are drawn with a pen and paper! 
There are a few designs that caught my eye but the first one I decided to try was this Ice-Cream Cone one. I think it's the sunny weather that drew me to it! This pic is a bit out of focus - sorry!
I used a trio of Rimmels for the coloured bits: Too Cool To Tango, Don't Be Shy* and Darling You Are Fabulous*. For the black and white I used my Barry M nail pens. 

I adore this book and I would encourage anyone who wants some fresh nail art inspo to buy a copy as it's amazing! You'll see plenty more recreations from us in the coming weeks/months/probably years!

Emma x

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