Monday, 22 June 2015

Eat My Dust with Gold Moons

Eat My Dust* from Barry M's Speedy Nail Paints collection is just dreamy. The perfect pale blue that is totally wearable. I often find that blues are difficult to wear, but that could just be my skin tone. They look lovely on Emma! This is my favourite blue as it's just pale enough, just dusty enough and just blue enough - if that makes sense!

For summer I really love pale pastels with white detailing, sorry, it's a theme I'll probably be revisting a lot! I used the juice from a white Barry M nail pen and a thin striper brush to paint on the white lines. I then added the gold moons with Barry M - Gold Foil Effects. I hadn't originally planned to outline this with a second white line but it just looked a bit messy without it. 
I thought this design would be nice but a little bit boring, however I was really pleased with it when I finished. I love the simplicity and the richness of the gold against the pale blue. The gold polish catches the light differently so depending on where you are the mani can change completely.

I should have done a tutorial on this one as it's really only a couple of steps, sorry. Let us know if you'd like to see a tutorial and I'll do it again, maybe with a different colour!

Jo x

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  1. These are lovely, ive got this colour and cant get enough of it!!


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