Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chocolate Sprinkles

krispy kreme nail art
Emma and I have done it again with our similar designs, this week we've clearly been peckish as we've both gone for foodie designs! Emma's mani featured and ice cream design inspired by The Illustrated Nail's need nail art book Nail It! (expect to see more from this soon!) Mine today is similarly sugary donuts - yum!

krispy kreme nail art
We have received tons of love and wishes since our engagement last weekend, but one special person turned up with a dozen Krispy Kremes. Drool! Tom ate at least five of them himself, I only managed to get my mitts on one, but it was my all time fave - chocolate sprinkles. Seriously, sprinkles make any food about 135 times better than it would have been without. A donut without sprinkles is just not the same. Anyway, the epic KK chocolate sprinkles inspired today's design!

I used a ton of Barry M polishes for this - Cotton*, On Your Marks* Spring Green, Cyan Blue, Cocoa* and Caramel*. Why is it that Barry M always have the perfect shades for food?! I used all their polishes for my recent biscuit mani too!
krispy kreme nail art
These nails are making me hungry, we need to stop these foodie designs! They make me crave ice cream, cake, donuts, biscuits ahh man!!

What's your favourite treat? Are you a sugar fan or more of a savory lover?

Jo x

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