Monday, 1 June 2015


Banana Nail Art

It's June which must mean it's time a fruity design. Everyone loves a bit of fruit for summer, right? Well I do. Last year I was obsessed with fruit manis and  I can feel the bug coming again. I've kick started with this fun banana look. I was looking over some of our old designs and although we've used this kind of banana before we haven't ever done a full design with them. 

Banana Nail Art
Banana Nail Art

I used a shade from one of my favourite collections of 2014: Tropink from Maybelline's Bleached Neons. For the bananas I used two Barry Ms: Lemon Ice Cream and Stop The Clock*. I used a black nail art pen for the outline. 

I love how these turned out, they are so summery! I can't wait until the stupid rain goes away so that I don't look like a fool wearing these with a jumper on! 

What other fruit looks can we try?

Emma x

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  1. Pineapples or watermelons! Love this nail art! From Emily x @


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