Friday, 5 June 2015

Banana Hen

This week Emma and I had one of our moments where we created similar designs without conferring, sometimes they are creepily similar! In this instance our creations were very different, but both heavily featured bananas. Yep, random. 

Emma's bananas were inspired by our fruit manis of last summer, whilst mine was something totally different. I was off to a hen party. Bananas don't tend to feature heavily in hen parties, unless the couple are called Ben and Anna. Benanna. Banana! There has been a tasteful reference to bananas in all the wedding build up, but we took that a step further on the hen, going as far as dressing the bride -to-be up as a banana! Amazingly she pulled it off - not many people can look good in a lurid yellow zip up dress. 
I used a base of Barry M Spring Green and then drew on the bananas with a nail art pen. I coloured the centres in with a white pen and then added the yellow. Finally I added some detailing and a generous coat of Seche to seal it all in. They went perfectly with my dress on our green themed evening!

What I would give to be back in Spain sipping rose by the pool!

Jo x

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