Thursday, 4 June 2015

Abstract O.P.I ColorPaints Design

o.p.i colorpaints nail art
Last week we showed you the entire new O.P.I ColorPaints Blendable Nail Lacquer collection and I've been having a bit more fun with them today. I roped my sister in to act as a model for me while I tested out what they could do. This time I used the cooler end of the colour scale and put together a more abstract design.

o.p.i colorpaints nail art
I started with a base of Silver Canvas* as directed by O.P.I. I then layered up three different polish colours - Primarily Yellow*, Turquoise Aesthetic* and Indigo Motif*. I didn't use any tools for this design, just the polish brushes. Once the silver base is fully dry you just use a very small amount of polish and drag the brush across the nail. The wonderful thing about this abstract design is that you really can't go wrong. I messed up a few bits but it just adds to the effect! 

I applied each of the three colours to each nail and then went back over it again to fill in gaps and add a little more blending. The polishes are sheer so when you layer them up they blend to create more beautiful shades. I particularly love how the yellow and turquoise blend together to create a gorgeous green. I used no green polish for this design!
o.p.i colorpaints nail art
Unfortunately the blue polish, Indigo Motif*, seemed to be thicker than the others. This made it harder to blend and it didn't spread as easily across the nail. I'm not sure if it's because of the pigmentation or I just got a bad bottle. I tested out Purple Perspective* and it wasn't too bad, despite being almost as dark. 

I love this design as it's really simple yet striking, however, my sister wasn't too keen. It just wasn't her sort of thing. What do you think? Do you like the abstract patterns that this collection seems to be designed for?

Jo x

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  1. I love these colours, they work so well together! Its really striking and I like how its metallic x From Emily @


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