Monday, 18 May 2015

Then and Now: Stegosaurus

This dinosaur is one of my favourite ever designs. The actual execution of my original design (here) isn't all that bad but I put a filter on the photo and a silly border which now annoy me. The position of my hand also really bugs me so I decided to redo. Anyone who is obsessed with nail art will totally understand this level of crazy! These things are important! Be warned, the following post is quite picture heavy.

I used the exact same colours for this mani as the original. If you want specifics I can look through my collection and let you know. the base colour is Barry M's Guava.
Here's a little added bonus - a tutorial (sort of). I used the same technique as I normally do:

1. Paint two coats of base shade
2. Once base is dry draw the outline of the dino with a white nail pen and fill. This will give you the shape and make the colours pop
3. Paint over the white with your desired colours
4. Outline the design using a black nail art pen and add details
5. Top with your favourite top coat (I always use Seche as it doesn't smudge the lines)
Finally, as I don't know when I will recreate these again I decided to top everything off with a matte top coat. I love mattified nails but I can't tell if I prefer this look shiny. I love both!

Let us know your favourite Dahlia designs in the comments below.

Emma x



  1. I am officially obsessed with this mani! I bought a dino clutch bag to use for a party in the summer and I really want to recreate this design to match :)
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. Please recreate it! We'd love love love to see!! E&J.xx


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