Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday Afternoon Aztec & Roses

I had a bit of dilemma with today's mani. I was going to have a polka dot/floral thing and then realised I had done the exact same design a few weeks ago just in a different colour. So last minute I changed the polka dots to a simple tribalesque pattern. Not quite sure it works but I'm rolling with it. I didn't actually have much choice other than to post this either as I have run out of cotton pads which is just about the worst thing that could happen when you're planning a day of nail designs. Must pop out...

I used a whole load of Rimmel polishes for this look: Caramel Cupcake*, White Hot Love*, Breakfast In Bed*, Rose Libertine*, Foggy London* and Lose Your Lingerie*. For the white lines I used a white nail art pen and to draw the roses I used a small brush. I topped it all off with a coat of Seche. 

It's really weird how the designs make my nails look completely different - the tribal design makes them look shorter I think. It could just be my eyes playing tricks on me! I assure you they're all the same length!

Happy Saturday! 

Emma x


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