Tuesday, 12 May 2015

OPI Brights Swatches

I have to be honest and say that I wasn't hugely excited by OPI's 2015 brights when I first saw them. They seemed a bit dark for summer what with a navy and purple plus I'm not a huge shimmer fan and this one has two. However, when I swatched them and saw the shades in the sun I was blown away. I'm still a bit torn on the shimmers but the other shades will no doubt be on my nails all summer long, they are so beautiful. Read on for swatches...

Can't Hear Myself Pink*
This shade is so sparkly! It's a very girly pink shade with a very fine shimmery glitter which really sparkles in the sun. I was shocked at just how sparkly this is and, were I into this sort of finish, I would love it. Unfortunately it's just a finish that I have never been into. This is three coats.
I See You Wear OPI*
If I were to buy a shimmer polish it would definitely be blue and, although I think a part of me really loved this shade, it's a little too bright for me. Like Can't Hear Myself Pink* it is a really fine shimmery polish which glistens in the sun. This is three coats again and you can see I still don't quite have full coverage.
The Berry Thought Of You*
O.M.F.G I am in love. This polish looks a lot darker in the bottle than in this pic so I was super surprised when I applied it and even more so when I took a step into the sunshine. It's a bright purple that veers on the pink side. I absolutely love it! It's such a good summer shade. It applies quite thin and watery at first but you get good coverage in two coats. I have applied three.
I STOP For Red*
Oh goodness. Another shade that I am in love with. This red is kind of a coral-y scarlet that really pops in the sunshine. It applies like a dream with good coverage and a nice shine. This is three coats and no top coat. 
My Car Has Navy-gation*
I had reservations about a navy in a summer collection but this is so beautiful that I forgive it! It looks more of a royal blue to me in this photo but in the bottle it looks navy. I imagine in winter it will look like navy. This'll be a really good shade to take you from summer into winter. This is three coats again with no top coat. 
On Pinks And Needles*
I have mixed feelings on this topper. I have used it on its own to show you the fundamentals of it but I am sure you will see it over other shades on different blogs. It's beautiful in a way as it reminds me of blossom but the pink kind of puts me off. I imagine some people will really make this work but I don't think it's for me. This is three coats with no top coat (a top coat would have improved the finish). 

There are actually two other shades that make up part of this collection: Life Gave Me Lemons and Down To The Core-al. We reviewed both last year when they were released as part of the neon range. With these two shades included the range actually looks much more well rounded for summer. 

My picks from this range would be all of the cremes: The Berry Thought Of You*, I STOP For Red*, and My Car Has Navy-gation*. Yummy!

Which ones do you fancy?

Emma x


  1. I know you say you don't like the pink shimmer but I think it looks really cute on your nails! I also love The Berry Thought of You, I haven't seen it photographed in the sun and it looks amazing!
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm just not a shimmery pink kind of gal! It is beautiful though. We haven't seen many pics of the polishes in the sunshine either and they look so different. Love The Berry Thought of You in shine and shade. E&J.xx


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