Sunday, 31 May 2015

Moon Grid

I've been messing around with my nail brush collection recently as my regular brush is knackered. I'm testing all my unused brushes to see what I can create with them, and hoping to work out what I like and don't like so I can set about finding the right brush for me. Brushes are important as a good brush can make or break a design. I've had many occasions where I've messed it all up adding the final touches with a brush that wasn't right for the job. So frustrating!

This design was created using a long striper brush. The brush is relatively unused so a joy to work with. I used polish from my Barry M white nail art pen, which is much much thinner than normal polish. The combination of striper brush and runny polish meant that I could get lovely thin lines. I couldn't resist trying out a grid design, something which relies on good lines! 

I used Rimmel London - Moon* for the base. I was having a grey polish moment. I love greys and this one is a staple. The Rimmel Pro formula is wonderful, long lasting (both on your nails and in the bottle) and the brush shape is just right, for my nail shape at least. I can cover a whole nail with one stroke! It even means I can paint my right hand neatly which is an impressive feat. 
They're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and need a lot of work/practice but I'm pleased with how the design turned out. It's simple yet effective and the grey and white colour scheme is understatedly cute. 

What's your favourite nail art brush and where did you buy it? I'm looking for a good detail brush but am reluctant to keep ordering until I hit upon a good'un. Can anyone help me out?

Jo x

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