Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Katherine Sabbath Inspired Cake Drip Nails

I very recently discovered Katherine Sabbath on Instagram and she instantly became my new baking idol. Move over Mary Berry, this shit just got serious. Those of you who have followed us for a while, or are fans of our over on Instagram will be familiar with my love of baking. Katherine's creations are something else, bright colours, dripping ganache and all manor of funky cake toppers. Not only are her cakes amazing but Katherine is based in Australia and a fan of I Scream Nails - one of my absolute favourite accounts, needless to say I put two and two together and a design was born!

Above is the cake that I used for inspiration for today's design. It's epic. A multi-layer sponge with all sorts of goodness hidden inside topped with a giant muffin filled 'ice cream' cone and multicoloured sprinkles. I want it right now. The closest I could get were some ice cream cone cupcakes and cake inspired nail art. Below are my attempt at ice cream cone cupcakes, they're a long way off the standard of above, but cute all the same, and damn they tasted good (if I do say so myself).
For the nail art I used two Barry M polishes - Lap of Honour* for the 'cake' and Cyan Blue for the 'ganache'. The sprinkles were created with multi-coloured glitter Spring Break from Angelica at Primark. It's the most gloopy glitter but I refuse to throw it out as the colours are gorgeous, I just had to do a lot of placement to get the coverage I needed! 

This mani took me forever as I drew the drips on with a white nail art pen and then went over them with the blue. My bottle of Cyan Blue is ridiculously old so it was really difficult to work with, I nearly gave up half way through! I persisted but you can still see a few hints of white poking through so sorry about that. 
I wasn't sure how the glitter and drips would work together, I was worried that the ott nature just wouldn't translate well across to nails. I was wrong. Very wrong. I love this design! Yes it took forever but it was well worth it, and next time I would choose better polishes or just use nail art pens instead. 

I can't wait to attempt to recreate one of Katherine's cakes but in the mean time I will settle for nail art instead. I hope you're not too hungry now, sorry!

Jo x

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  1. Love love love them! I don't wear nail polish (don't like the feel of it on my fingers!) but I reckon I would wear them like this - being a KS fan and cake decorator :D


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