Sunday, 3 May 2015

It's A Girl!

Royal Baby nailart
Yesterday, those of us based in the UK welcomed a gorgeous little Princess. I don't know a lot about the monarchy but Queenie recently changed the rules to allow the new bubba to be called a Princess, a few years back she wouldn't have been awarded that title. To celebrate the new arrival we whipped up some girly baby pink nail art! 

Royal Baby nailart
I know that baby pink is very stereotypical but I just couldn't resist, I added a bit of hot pink and glitter to jazz it up a bit at least! I did an initial and little footprints when my niece Monika was born (see that design here) so I mixed it up a bit with this design. Mainly because they name hasn't been announced yet so I couldn't do an initial! 

The baby pink is Barry M - Kiss Me Quick*, the glitter is Models Own - Pink Fizz (love it!) and the hot pink and white are Barry M - Grapefruit and Cotton*. I used a small brush to draw on the Union Jack and a metal nibbed nail art pen for the writing. The 'a' looks a bit strange in lower case but I couldn't squeeze a capital in the gap I left, oops! 
Royal Baby nailart
Welcome to the world little Princess!

Jo x


  1. I'm excited to know the name of the new princess!! Really cute nail art, as usual :)

    1. We're so excited to hear the name. Maybe Charlotte? Or Alice? Eeeek, so exciting! E&J.xx


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