Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Geometric Polish For Tans Mix Up

A while ago Models Own very kindly sent us some samples of their new additions to the Polish For Tans range. This is one of our favourite MO collections so it's safe to say we were very excited! Unfortunately when the polishes arrived I'd had a series of bad breaks and my nails were a mess. I decided that they deserved better than that so held back on testing them out until my nails had somewhat recovered.
We received L-R: Malibu Pink*, Turquoise Sea* and Sarong Wrap*, leaving us Cocktail Hour and Beach Hut still to collect! I was going to swatch these for you and write up a review, but the colours were way too exciting and I couldn't resist doing some nail art instead. I can still do some swatches at a later date if anyone would like? Alternatively you can check out Brit Nails or The Polish List who have swatches of all five.
For some reason the three colours together just called out for geometric. They clash perfectly and with some white mixed in make an awesome summer combo! I started with a white base and added a template of polka dots. You can draw on the full grid but to be honest I couldn't be bothered so decided to wing it a little. Once you've added all the colours any imperfections are hard to notice anyway! I used a small brush to fill in the coloured triangles. I had to do two rounds as you can never tell on the first run through how they are going to pan out. I started with the yellow, filled in random sections and then went through with the other two polishes. I then repeated the process to fill any gaps. Finally I went over the leftover spaces with white to tidy it all up.
When these first arrived I told myself not to be tempted into using all three together because it wouldn't look as good as it did in my head (I'm not usually great with colour combos). I'm so glad I didn't listen to my sensible side and just went for it with these shades. I LOVE this mani! My boyfriend says it reminds him of party poppers, a bit random but I can see what he means. It reminds me of summer fetes and some kind of 70s jester (I think that's the mustard-esque yellow!)
The polish formulas are great and the colours are so rich and bright. They are best used with a white base to really make them pop as I have done here. I've only used one coat of each colour and they were plenty bright enough, but I'd use two coats if I was applying to the whole nail. Predictably the blue has a stronger colour density than the yellow which is why you can see a little overlap in the yellow sections (damn the camera for picking them up - I couldn't see them by eye).
These will be coming on holiday with me this year, especially Malibu Pink* - swoon!
Thank you Models Own :)
Jo x



  1. I completely recommend picking up cocktail hour! It's definitely my favourite in the collection by far and I found it to be more bright/neon than some of the Ice Neon collections! I love this mani, amazing free hand skill! x

    1. Ooooh think we are going to have to grab it next time we see a bottle shop. It's brighter than some of the Ice Neons? Wow! E&J.xx

  2. Normally I'm not a fan of triangle nail art, but I LOVE these! The colors, the placement, the white, all of it is just perfect. Well done

    1. Glad we swayed you to the world of triangle nails! E&J xx

  3. Love Models own! These are really nice, can't believe u free handed them! I am going to have to be more brave and do some more free handing like this! From Emily @ www.jazzinails.co.uk

    1. You definitely should. Practise makes perfect! It's amazing at how quickly you get good at it. Let us know how you get on. E&J.xx


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