Friday, 22 May 2015

Forget Me Not

Today's floral design in inspired by my little garden. Chealsea Flower Show it is not, but for amateur gardeners we don't feel that it's coming along too badly! Most of the plants have been dug up from my Mum's garden and transplanted. Some rebelled against this procedure and aren't looking too great now but other's are flourishing. The Forget Me Nots have taken particularly well (although I'm told that they will grow anywhere so I don't think that's down to any gardening skill my myself!)

The Forget Me Nots are so pretty that I decided to recreate them on my nails. I picked out a few Barry M's - Cotton*, Bikini* and brand new On Your Marks*. I'm not sure that Bikini* is quite the right colour for Forget Me Nots as it's a little too purple, but I like the shade and haven't used it for ages so oh well!
I used a dotting tool to add the blue petals, yellow centre and then a nail art pen for the tiny black dot in the middle. I missed off the little white patches in the centre of Forget Me Nots as mine were so tiny it would have just looked a mess!
Unfortunately the Forget Me Nots are getting to the end of their flowering season now and are all turning to seed. Luckily the roses are starting to come out so we'll have some new flowers to look at instead. Apparently I'll have Forget Me Nots all over the place next spring so I'm looking forward to that!
We're also growing some chilli plants, bell peppers, strawberrys, tomatoes and sunflowers (among a ton of other things but I have no idea what they all are!) I'm hoping for some more garden nail inspo over the summer so keep an eye out!
I wouldn never have thought I'd enjoy gardening but it's actually really relaxing, just not so great for my nails - oops!
Jo x



  1. Such a cute & intricate design!
    Olivia xxx

    1. Thanks Olivia! Your blog is so cute - a girl with a Disney wish list is a girl after our own hearts! E&J.xx


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