Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Emma's Nail Fails

I have something a bit different for you today, I am going to showcase all of my nail fails. Now bear with me, I have quite a few so this will be a picture heavy post. Some of these are designs that I have since redone, some I will try again in future and some are just best forgotten. This is is the kind of thing that I love reading so I hope you enjoy.

Cacti - This was an attempt at a more subdued version at an old cacti mani that you can find here. Sometimes I look at this and quite like it and others I really hate it. I don't think the pots quite work so I will probably redo without them. I also didn't allow the cuticle oil enough time to sink in so I have a bit of a horrid sheen (more of that to come!).
Pineapples - I was so disappointed with this. The pattern would be so cute if I hadn't completely effed up the execution. Jo did a much cuter version so I won't be retrying this anytime soon (Jo wasn't influenced by this at all - she hasn't seen it - we just sometimes freakily come up with similar designs). 
Art Deco - This is a design that I redid with just the one accent nail. I felt the line was far too clunky and actually wanted to do it with a thinner nail art pen but I didn't have one so decided to just do the one nail. See the published version here.
Palms - I really wanted to show you guys two polishes that I had purchased from H&M and tried to go for a nice summery palm print but I absolutely loathed this mani. I hate everything about it: the colours don't look half as good as they are in real life, the white is too fat, and my nails are broken! Grosse.
Pastel Yin-Yang - This is a design that I will 100% be redoing in the near future as I love it. This was attempted in winter when I had no natural light during the week so all of my photos were taken indoors and I couldn't get the light balance right and I had no light box. Piss-poor lighting. The mani was actually really cute. 
All White - I loved this look on my nails but it did not photograph well at all. Plus the white polish is way too thick. My Barry M White was on its way out and was so gloopy. The light is poor here too. Really don't know what's going on with the shape of my nails either. Eek.
Red Snowflake - This mani was OK but two things stopped this from getting published. One is my accent nail as the glitter was too dense. And two is the HORRIFIC cuticle on the same finger. My cuticles are the one thing I am trying desperately to improve as I can't resist nibbling every now and then. I know. I know, it's soooooo bad as someone who's into her nails to bite or pull my cuticles but it's so hard. Ruined my photos for days!
Aztec - This was a remake of a design on my other blog. It was supposed to be better and it kind of is but my lines still weren't great and the triangles were way too thick and not defined enough so this didn't make the cut. It may get redone, we all know I love a cheeky tribal look.
Strawberries - Like the pineapples above, this design is cute but my execution is bad. Recently I have become a lot more patient with the nail brush but I still get so bored so my designs come out a bit sloppy sometimes. It's a shame as this could have looked really good. I will probably try a variation on this later in the year. 
Purr - You may recognise this design as I redid it again here. The obvious problem here is the smudged bow. I was so upset when that happened! Sometimes smudges can kind of be covered but there was no rescuing this, I had to completely redo the cat. 

I hope you've enjoyed some of my nail fails. It is so annoying when a mani doesn't turn out how you expected or wanted and even worse when it does and is then ruined with a smudge or a dent. But we are all only human so can't be perfect all the time eh?!

Emma x


  1. I liked seeing these - when you see such great designs being posted its easy to forget that everyone makes mistakes & no one's nails turn out 100% correct the first time!
    Olivia xxx

    1. Glad you liked seeing them and happy that we aren't the only ones who don't always get it right! E&J xx

  2. I totally agree, smudges are the most annoying! I like to be reminded that no one always has perfect nails and we have our good and bad nail days! From Emily x @

    1. They're so annoying! If you completely mess the design up you kind of realise you have to do again but to smudge it at the end makes us wanna cry! E&J xx


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