Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Confetti Crowd Florals

I am a huge fan of the Confetti Crowd and wish that I had half the sass that those girls have. They are so much fun, their outfits are insane (in a good way) and make me think that they have the best time. I have dressed like them once in my life as part of a dare with a friend whereby we wore the most outrageous clothes we could find to go and get fish and chips. It was the 90s and we did not look cool. Anyway, I digress, to today's mani...

This look was specifically inspired by this post of Confetti girl Lulutrixabelle. I loved her look but I'm not sure how well I executed this design. The colours kind of get lost a little bit and, in all honesty, I think I lost patience. You know me, I lose interest after about 20 mins (if not sooner) and this was a bit more intricate than I first thought. 

Not for me but hopefully some of you guys get inspired! If not, you should check out the Confetti Crowd anyway as they have given me so much nailspo for future. 

Emma x

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