Friday, 15 May 2015

Coconut & Cerise Chrome Dotticure

Today's design was entirely inspired by Emma! I absolutely loved her chrome dots in a mani earlier this week (see it here) and felt the need to create my own version! When Models Own sent us out samples of the Chrome collection we split the polishes between us. Emma got the Rose Chrome in the split so I used Cerise instead (I need to get the Rose ASAP though, it's amazing!)
I used Models Own - Coconut Cream as the base for this simple mani. It's such a goregous creamy shade and the coconut scent reminds me of holidays! Dotty nails are so simple and quick to create but always look really striking. Adding in the chrome polish makes them even more fun as the dots contrast with the flat polish base. I've used gold foil polishes for dots in the past too and I love that - they end up looking similar to studs but you don't have to worry about them dropping off!
Emma's dots were much smaller than mine. I was hoping for little tiny dots but in my haste I picked out the wrong dotting tool, doh! However, I still like the larger dots as they show off the chrome polish very nicely.
Another option I could have done with this is a gloss base with no topcoat over the dots to display the silky finish of the chrome polishes. Or it would look lovely mattified. Oh there are so many dotty options!
Happy Friday everyone, we hope you've had a great week and have lots of fun plans for the weekend!
Jo x


  1. Love Models own so much and that pink chrome colour is amazing, will have to try this! From Emily @ xx

    1. The chromes are a bit touch and go. Some bloggers absolutely loathe them but we adore them! Especially when we use them in nail art rather than on their own. E&J.xx


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