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Barry M Summer Nail Paints

We got an absolutely epic package from Barry M yesterday, it was chock-a-block full of new make up and, most importantly, polish! Barry M are releasing seven new polishes for summer, and we've reviewed them all for you today. Unfortunately my nails and schedule are not on my side today meaning that I've been unable to swatch these properly for you. I have swatched all the colours on a tester wheel and provided my opinion on them. We promise to get them swatched for you ASAP (or use them in nail art which is probably more likely!)

L-R: Speed Demon*, Supersonic*, Turbocharged*, Need For Speed*, On Your Marks*, Get Set Go*, Sugar Plum*
There are six new Speedy Nail Paint polishes and one new Gelly to review today. Three of the Speedies are slightly shimmery and the other three are solid colour. The new additions are bold and bright in comparison to the original pastels. 

This is a gorgeous shimmery pale pink polish, with the new speedy dry formula and rounded brush. The formula is great, as you'd expect from Barry M, although it's a little sheer. I used three coats for the tester swatch. If you've got time to let the layers dry fully I'd definitely recommend three coats, the finished effect is worth it. If you're a pink polish fan you'll love this, think easy-to-wear baby pink with a touch of something extra, perfect for the weekend!

This is my favourite out of the three shimmery Speedy Nail Paints, which is why I've treated you to a close up shot of it too. The polish is a deep rich blue, but the shimmer seems to have a pinky purple edge to it which makes the overall effect absolutely stunning. It's hard to capture on camera but you can see just about see the pink shimmer in the photo of the bottle, just below the lid. The duo tone is very subtle but definitely gives this polish something a little different. I usually stick to navy blues but will be stepping out of my comfort zone a bit for this polish, it's totally worth it!

The last shimmery Speedy is Turbo Charged*. This is a true coral polish, which came out a little more orange on the images. In real life it's a softer colour with more pink tones. I don't think the shimmer adds much to this polish compared to the previous two at least. In honesty I would have liked to see this shade without shimmer. However, it's still a solid summer polish, a great holiday colour. Perhaps the shimmer comes to life more under some bright sunshine (which we have not had much of in the UK recently!)

Moving on to the non-shimmery Speedies we start with Need For Speed*. This is a beautiful purple polish, it reminds me of Berry Ice Cream, but slightly deeper and richer. The colour density of this shade is brilliant, you could possibly get away with one coat if you're careful. I used two coats for the swatch as it was on a test wheel. I can't wait to try this polish with a tan, the rich tones would compliment tanned skin perfectly!

This yellow very almost made it in just two coats but once it dried I had to accept that it needed a third coat, unfortunately. As with Need For Speed* this polish reminds me of the Ice Cream Pastels collection, but Lemon Ice Cream this time. They are like the non-pastel version of the Ice Creams which makes me happy as I love that collection! Yellow polish is very hard to wear but if you can pull it off I would recommend this shade, it's bright but soft enough to be wearable and not garish at all, in fact I'd say it's quite feminine. We'll definitely be using it in nail art - we're always on the lookout for good yellows!

Get Set Go* is my favourite of all the new polishes. As soon as I opened the bottle I was in awe of this shade. The colour density is incredibly impressive and this is easily a one coat polish (although I did use two for the swatch out of habit!) It's a bright, bold, warm pink shade but not neon or overly garish making it easily wearable. I know Barry M have a lot of bright pinks but there is just something special about this one. This polish would be equally at home at a festival, wedding or even in the office, it's a true all rounder and I'm in love.

Finally we have the single new Gelly - Sugar Plum*. This is a true plum shade and the name is spot on! It's right on that border between pink and purple, please don't ask me to categorise it because I really couldn't choose. Apparently it's inspired by the pinks, raspberrys and corals seen at Fashion Week! The formula is lovely, as you'd expect from Gellys, but unfortunately it doesn't benefit from the new flat rounded brush. However, it's still easy to apply and only needs two thin coats. I can see this becoming a well-loved staple, especially for someone I know who wears plum shades almost exclusively!

Our general consensus, as always tbh, is that this is another great bunch of polishes from Barry M. There doesn't seem to be much of a link between the shades when you look at all seven, but broken down into the three groups you can sort of see what they were going for. I'm undecided on the shimmery Speedies, but I think that's just because I wasn't expecting that after the original pastel release! 

All these polishes RRP at £3.99 each and are available at Superdrug (from 6th May) and Boots (from 13th May).

Come on, confess, which ones have you added to your wishlist?

Jo x

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  1. I bought some of these last weekend.This is the first review I have seen.I think my Superdrug put them out before the release as they didn't want to scan through on the 3 for 2 and the guy had to faff about with the till but I got them on 3 for 2 so was happy.


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