Thursday, 16 April 2015

Topshop Mix and Match

With the exception of the woman who tried to kill me by pushing me onto the bus yesterday (seriously lady we're all trying to get somewhere, jeez) everyone seems to be in the mood for summer which I LOVE! I am especially loving seeing all of the wonderful spring/summer manis that are cropping up giving me loads of inspiration. I am usually an autumn fan but when it comes to nail art I am a summer fiend. I adore the bright shades and, of course, the pastels. 

Anyway, less about my musings, more about today's offering. Inspiration for this mani came from Topshop's Instagram account. When I see things I like on IG I take a screenshot and save them up for later so I'm not actually sure when this pic was posted. I knew that I wanted to create a mani based on the colours and shapes straight away as they lured me in. Originally the pink, grey, and mint nails were plain but they didn't look quite right so I stuck with the monochrome accents and went for some basic designs. I actually really like the Greenberry nail with the little dots for some reason. I might have to do a full mani of this design as I think it'd be a good one for the office.

I was really happy with how this turned out with the exception of the thumb nail. Yet again my impatience ruined a perfectly good design! I didn't wait for the polish to dry properly before adding the little black points so they shmushed. Silly! Other than that I was pretty pleased. I love the colour palette so thanks Topshop!

Emma x

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  1. Good nail color .very chic


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