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Swatches: Models Own Festival Nails

Models Own Festival Nail Polish
We're a touch behind the curve on these Festival polishes from Models Own, so you may have already seen some swatches. We've done our best to get them up here as soon as possible for you, but they have been available for a few weeks. There are four collections within the Festival range - Festival Nail Polish, Festival Hair Spray, Festival Face Paints and Festival Lipsticks. The running theme is bright, bright and bright! We've got a review of all five Festival Nail Polishes for you today.

Models Own Festival Nail Polish Pink Wellies
Models Own Festival Nail Polish Pink Wellies
First up is Pink Wellies* which is coincidentally my favourite from the bunch. There is just something so awesome about neon pink polishes. I don't wear a lot of pink clothes or polish, but if you make it neon I want it. This is seriously bright, even brighter than Bubblegum from Models Own Ice Neon range (my previous favourite neon pink!) and I love it! I can't wait to get this polish into some nail art.

Models Own Festival Nail Polish Green Fields
Models Own Festival Nail Polish Green Fields
Next is Green Fields* an insanely bright lime green, one word - wow. I do not own any polishes I can compare to this. I have some bright greens but they're fairly sheer, this is not. The colour is so intense and bright without any special bases required. I must admit this is not one I'll be wearing on it's own, but it will be spot on for colour pops in nail art. Hmm, I'm thinking something geometric with colour blocking.

Models Own Festival Nail Polish Purple Bandana
Models Own Festival Nail Polish Purple Bandana
Purple Bandana* is a stunning polish. Again, the colour is like nothing I can compare to, it's so vivid and warm. This purple shade leans more towards the pink end of the spectrum which gives it the warmth. I'm impressed that Models Own have got it so bright, we have been disappointed with neon purples in the past (looking at O.P.I's Pur-Pull from their neon collection here - gorgeous shade but just not bright enough). I love the hint of pastel in this shade, it could probably blend into the Polish For Tans range without being noticed. 

Models Own Festival Nail Polish Blue Skies
Models Own Festival Nail Polish Blue Skies
The fourth polish in the range is Blue Skies* and it's just as bright as the rest. The colour density is amazing and although yes, it's a touch garish, the colour is beautiful. Again, maybe not one for every nail but perfect for using with nail art. Who's going to festivals with single colour nails anyway?! I want to try this polish with white aztec over the top, what do you think?

Models Own Festival Nail Polish Colour Explosion
Models Own Festival Nail Polish Colour Explosion
Last up is the only topper polish in the range, Colour Explosion*. It's a glitter topper with a clear base filled with blue, orange, lime green and silver glitter pieces of varying sizes. As with most toppers it's a little sparse if you apply it straight to your nails. Instead we apply the topper to a make up sponge, let the clear base sink in a little and then dab the glitter onto our nails. This ensures a great coverage without layering up too many coats of the clear polish and ending up with nails half an inch thick! You can always add additional glitter pieces in with a toothpick if you're left with any gaps. I'm not sure that the colours in this polish would work well with every shade in the range but it looks great with the blue, and you can use it to brighten up any of your other polishes!

The formula of these polishes is very consistent (excluding Colour Explosion obvs). They are relatively thick, which I think is due to the neon shade as I always find super bright polish slightly thicker. The colour density is insane, if you were careful you could get away with a one coat with some of these for sure! I did wonder if I should use a white base coat to make these colours pop but that was not necessary at all. I used two coats for each swatch.

Again down to the neon colour, I believe, these polishes have a semi matte finish. I topped all the swatches with Seche to make them glossy but top coat choice is up to you. I'm hoping that these last well and don't go gloopy as my bottle of Bubblegum is virtually unusable now, although I did get a lot of use from it so can't complain. 

All polishes are available online at, at Models Own Bottleshops or in Superdrug - RRP £4.99

If you've already got any of these polishes, please let us know what you think in the comments! If not, which ones are you adding to your wishlist?

Jo x

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  1. Going to have to get my hands on these, either the blue or purple, I can't decide! Thanks for swatching them! From Emily @ x


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