Sunday, 19 April 2015

Stop The Clock Florals

The last post from me was florals and polka dots, clearly I have not planned well because today's is the same again, oops! The same two styles but not quite the same design, although I have used all Barry M's again. Who doesn't love florals and polka dots and Barry M spring summer polishes?!

Instead of the Sunset Nail Paints, this mani was created with two polishes from the Speedy Nail Paint collection - Stop The Clock* and Pit Stop*. I love a grey and yellow combo and these two gorgeous soft pastels go so well together. I started with the base colours before I'd decided what nail art to do, sometimes all you need are the colours and then the inspiration comes. 

I wanted to stick to as few colours as possible so used Pit Stop* again for the flowers. I've never done grey flowers before and they didn't come out quite as well as I'd hoped. It was hard to get good definition and I really messed up the leaves. I added detailing to the flowers using Grey and a white nail art pen, but they still seem to merge together a bit. This is definitely not among my best floral work, I'm a little disappointed as the colour scheme had so much promise. I added the polka dots to tie the whole thing together - can't go wrong with polka dots!
Are you loving floral nails now we're into spring? We can't get enough so sorry if you're a bit bored of them. We'll be moving in to full on summer soon so get ready for bright and bold!!

Jo x

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