Monday, 6 April 2015

Spring Is Here

It finally feels like spring is here today. The sun is shining and it's actually warm outside! Woohoo! What better way to celebrate than with some colourful florals and polka dots? I'm sure we have done a variation on this mani about a million times but the bright Sun has put me in the mood again.

I used a whole heap of Barry Ms for this look: Sky Blue*, Cotton*, Fondant*, Strawberry Ice Cream, Lemon Ice Cream, Stop the Clock*, and Pole Position*. I'm not entirely sure that all the colours work together but I hope they don't look completely hideous! I added some little yellow dots to add a bit of difference to the flora nails as mine always look the same. 

Back to work tomorrow after the nice long Bank Holiday weekend. I am so unprepared. Nice weather makes it all that much harder as well. 

Emma x

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