Thursday, 2 April 2015

Rimmel London vs Barry M

There have been a ton of new pastel polish releases recently, the latest is Rimmel's Sweetie Heart Matte Pastels collection. When I swatched the collection I noticed that it included a few dupes. I couldn't compare with my entire collection so decided to see how closely I could match Rimmel's new polishes with existing Barry M's. I got a fairly decent match for each shade, but two are particularly similar.

Rimmel - Chase Me* vs. Barry M - Road Rage*
These two mints are a pretty good match, other than the difference in finish. Both are quick drying, have a flat brush for easy application, and will set you back less than a fiver. It's hard to call but I think the Barry M pips it as the formula is slightly superior. 

Rimmel - Cheeky Chap* vs. Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Both of these polishes are bright, beautiful and very blue! The Barry M is a richer, more dense colour with a warmer tone. The Rimmel is cooler and paler and the matte finish makes it much more wearable. I can see myself wearing Cheeky Chap* as a full mani but have to admit I only really use Blueberry Ice Cream for nail art accents.

Rimmel - Love Bug* vs. Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream
This is a similar story, the Rimmel is a cooler softer shade while the Barry M is brighter and warmer. Lemon Ice Cream isn't really a pastel shade, it looks it in the bottle but it dries brighter than you'd expect. I'm not one to wear a full yellow mani very often but I'd definitely be more likely to wear Love Bug* on all ten nails. It would be lovely with a summery dress!

Rimmel - Cheeky Girl* vs. Barry M - Rosehip*
These two polishes are what prompted me to put this post together, they are almost indistinguishable. The same theme is present with the Barry M being that smidge warmer in tone, but it's less prominent with this pair. Neither polish came out well in the swatches photo, they don't look this washed out in real life. 

Rimmel - You're Mine* vs. Barry M - Peach Melba
You're Mine* is my second favourite from the Sweetie Heart collection as I've been searching for the perfect peach for ages. Peach Melba is gorgeous but it's a touch too bright to wear regularly and can end up looking a little orange. You're Mine* is a few shades lighter and has a cool tone making it way more wearable.

I swatched all the pairs on a test wheel, with a white coat underneath them. The Rimmel's are all on the left of each pair and have a matte finish while the Barry M's are on the right with a gloss finish. I'm so sorry about the quality of the image I just could not get it to come out right. This was the best of a bad bunch!

Overall the Rimmel's have a cooler tone but I think that's partly down to the chalky matte finish. They are lovely polishes and are big fans of the collection. Unfortunately, the formulas are a bit tricky as they dry so quickly you have to get the application right first time. A touch up pen comes in very handy! The Barry M's have a much more consistent formula and I've had some of them for years without them glooping up at all. 

Rimmel and Barry M are two of our favourite brands so we can't choose between them. It would be like picking a favourite child!

Which is your favourite from this beautiful bunch?



  1. Really good comparison of the dupes! definitely can't pick between Rimmel or Barry M, my favourite is whoever is supplying a new collection at the time!
    Great post!

  2. This is a really helpful comparison between the two brands. I have to say that the Barry Ms are not actually very pastel overall, but all still beautiful x


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