Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Primadonna Girl

I have a problem. I am a You Tube addict. I don't mean to be but I get completely sucked in and before I know it I've watched fifty videos and half my day has gone. This happens regularly. It happened the other day. I got stuck watching Marina and the Diamonds videos. Started with Froot ended with Primadonna via I Am Not A Robot, How To Be A Heartbreaker and several more. Thankfully something productive came out of it. I got inspiration for this mani - yay!

The inspo came from the video for Primadonna which I have obviously listened to before but I've never really watched. I love the vintage kitsch theme of pistachio, mint green, pale pink and lilac. I used a range of Barry Ms for this mani - Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Green, Greenberry, Cotton* and Fondant* - as well as Models Own's Bora Bora. 

Usually I feel really deflated after spending hours on You Tube. My eyes usually hurt and I have a growing list of things I haven't done. This time I still felt like I'd wasted a helluva lotta time but at least something came out of it! 

Please tell me some of you have a bit of a You Tube addiction?! Or an equally unproductive one. Like Buzzfeed. 

Emma x


  1. YouTube, Marina, Gorgeous nail art...all of my favourite things!


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