Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Oh Those Summer Nights

Apparently today is going to be the hottest day of the year so far, yay summer is coming!! Unfortunately I'm stuck in the office but will be enjoying sunshine nevertheless! Especially as we have a fun summer-themed hump day design for you. After seeing Emma's Coachella nails I was inspired to put a little bit of summer on my nails too!

Summer to use means bright colours and fun nails, I like to think these tick both of those boxes! I absolutely love using Models Own Polish For Tans in gradients, the colours just pop so well. In this design I used Shades but Beach Bag is also a great one for gradients - I used it last summer here! Today I teamed the pastel neon polish with rich dark purple Seduce* by Rimmel. The two together remind me of the very ends of a sunset when the sky starts to get really dark but you can just see some pink glowing though - not that we get many like that in the UK! 

I almost left this as just the fade as I just loved how the colours worked together, but couldn't resist a bit of something extra. I applied a template two middle nails with striping tape, and then filled the space with Gold foil effects polish from Barry M. To continue the gold theme I added three little studs to the rest of my nails. The triangle pattern was still in my head from Monday's cute dotty nails and I'm really pleased that it works with the studs too!
These nails remind us of long summer nights and partying on the beach. Perhaps we're a bit early in the year for that (not to mention in the wrong country) but we can dream can't we? This post has inspired me to get a shift on with booking some holidays!!

Are you getting excited about summer now the sun has shown it's face again? My other half is so happy that he cooked an impromptu barbecue last night, just for the two of us! It was so lovely to be out in the garden enjoying the mild evening, but we cheated and just used a disposable. The real one seemed like way too much of a faff for two! Barbecued steak and corn on the cob yum!

Jo x


  1. Mmh barbecue, sounds great! Today will be the hottest day so far in Belgium too! :) I'm stuck inside as well, working for school on my laptop, but I'm sitting next to our open window so I can enjoy a bit as well :) I love these nails, they're perfect for warm weather! The colours of the gradient look really nice together, I can't believe I've never done a pink/purple gradient before!

    1. Thanks Robin. You should try - pink and purple gradients are so pretty! Shame you can't get out and enjoy the sunshine but at least you have the open window so you can feel the nice warmth while you work :) E&J.xx


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