Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Models Own Festival Nails - Aztec Nailart

Models Own Festival Nail Polish
If you've read my Models Own Festival Nails post, where I swatched this whole collection, you'll know that I was itching to use these in some nail art. As soon as I'd finished the swatching I set to work creating a nail design. I knew I wanted some aztec/tribal influence but I couldn't decide which colour to use. In the end I used them all!
Models Own Festival Nail Polish
I had a couple of aztec themed ideas floating around my head, so expect to see more in the near future. Today I went for a fairly simple yet eye-catching design, using a white base for added brightness (as if these polishes needed to be brighter!) I used two coats of Models Own - White Light for the base and forced myself to sit patiently while it dried completely. 

I then started the design with a black nail art pen. I drew on lines from the base of each nail, which met each other roughly in the middle. I added little aztec triangles along each line and another at the point in the middle. I then used a small paintbrush to add the stripes of Festival Nail Polish starting with Blue Skies*, then Green Fields*, followed by Purple Bandana* and finished off by filling the remaining gap with my fave - Pink Wellies*!
Models Own Festival Nail Polish
Models Own Festival Nail Polish
Sorry there are so many photos of this design - I'm totally in love with it. I had a good feeling about this one from the start and was so relieved when it turned out the way I'd hoped. My only bugbear about it is that I put the pink and purple next to each other and they blend a little in the images. In real life there was a good distinction between the two shades.

This mani took quite a long time just because of all the colours and I was being more precise than normal. It's actually really simple and may even be one that I attempt on both hands at some point this summer!

Make sure you check out our Models Own Festival Nails swatches to see more about what we thought of the polishes.

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