Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I Want Candy

Summer is coming so naturally I am on a diet again. I say a diet but I am just trying to eat a bit healthier and take care of myself a bit more. It's just so hard when my main food-stuff is cheese. I miss pizza so much! All this healthy eating business means that all I can think of are sweet treats. Hence today's manicure. 

I used an array of pastel shades for this mani as it's spring and pastels are cute. From thumb to pinkie the confectionary I chose is: chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, donut, and cupcake. Nom nom nom! I don't know why I do it to myself. Even writing those words has made my mouth start to salivate! I'm sure depriving myself of stuff is the worst way to lose weight as well as it'll make me turn into a crazy b at the weekend and eat everything in sight. 

I chose to mattify the mani for the last pic as I am still way too into that trend. I just think that mattified pastels for spring are perfect. 

Hopefully none of you are embarking on crazy diets this summer, it's torture!

Emma x

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