Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gold Dipped Fingertips!

This week the boyf and I discovered the wonders of Wilko and all the joys it has to offer. Really we were in there looking for garden supplies, but I managed to sneak off to the beauty section while he wasn't looking. I found a cute little collection of nail art goodies and couldn't resist a four pack of gold and silver nail foil. A couple of quid well spent I say!

I tried the gold foil out first and immediately discovered how fragile it is. *Insert lots of frustration and unintended ripping here*. I finally managed to tear a few pieces big enough to cover my nails, applied base coat and stuck the foil on the whole nail. Then I made my next discovery, neatly removing excess foil from around the edge of a whole nail is nigh-on impossible. Moving on to my third attempt... I decided half nails was the safest option and chose a base of Models Own - Misty Grey. I stuck pieces of foil across half of each nail and waited for the polish to dry a little. I then carefully pulled the excess away and was left with fingernails that look like they've been dipped in gold! Yay!
I loved this look so much I applied it to both hands - a rarity! I was so pleased with it and was looking forward to showing it off the next day. It did not fair well against daily life. The foil chips off really easily and the top coat doesn't seem to bond well with it. It also appears to disintegrate over time so a few days later my nails look a total mess. 

To summarise, nail foil is awesome for an event, but don't expect this mani to get you the whole way through a holiday or mini break!

Maybe if I splashed out on non-Wilko foil I would notice an improvement? 

Jo x


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