Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fun Festival Aztec!

festival aztec nail art

I'm really sad. I spent hours creating this design and was really proud of it, and then the photos came out awfully. They were so bad that I had to redo a couple of them the next day, by which time the design wasn't looking quite as sharp. I've had to come to a compromise and show you two of the new photos along with one of the old ones. You'll just have to use your imagination and trust me that they look cooler in real life!!

festival aztec nail art

We usually always use polish for our designs, we're not really fans of using acrylic paint or other mediums. However, this design was actually created using a gel pen! I got the idea from Alice at One Nail To Rule Them All and have tried it before here. My last attempt was an aztec design as well, but with a white background. I love aztec but often find I can't get the detail I want with a nail pen or brush, a thin gel pen is perfect. I'll admit drawing on nail polish with a normal pen isn't the easiest process and a lot of patience is required, which is why I don't do it very often! If you can stick with it though the results are awesome. The pen doesn't really dry on your nails so be very careful not to smudge before applying top coat. Miraculously Seche applies easily with no smudging, I have no idea how it does it!

This time round I wanted to use a colourful base so picked out three polishes from the Barry M Speedy Nail Paint collection - Eat My Dust*, In A Heartbeat* and Lap Of Honour* (we swatched them all here). I applied a stripe of each colour using a small brush, covering roughly a third of a nail each. I didn't worry too much about it being neat as I knew the aztec would cover it up. When I applied the colours I was disappointed as they didn't look as good together as I thought they would, but once the pattern was on top I absolutely love it!

festival aztec nail art

These nails make me want to go to a festival, why is it not summer yet?! They were supposed to be spring nails but the finished product screams summer! 

Next time I find myself with some spare patience I might try paisley using a gel pen. Alice does that so well though, I have a feeling mine would be a complete mess...

Have you ever used gel pens to create nail art? Emma has tried sharpies before which worked pretty well too, see what she thought here!



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