Thursday, 9 April 2015

Essence: Pastel Ombre Top Coat

A few weeks ago a little bundle of essence goodies landed on our doorstep. I say 'ours' this package actually went to Emma's house. Emma swiftly swatched the interesting latex effect black polish but decided that the ombre required too much patience. I can't say I understand her logic, complicated mix and match mani's she's ok with, but waiting for her nails to dry between four coats of ombre polish is too much?! I was pretty pleased though as it meant I got to test out the ombre effect polish instead!

Emma and I have both been fully on board with the ombre movement and each of us has sported home dip dyes at some point in the not too distant past. I'm not sure if ombre is still as big a deal as it has been though so did think essence might be a little late to the party with this one. Still, this polish promises a fun mani that's quick and easy to throw together on a school night - if it delivers, we're in! 

The pastel ombre effect polish* (actual polish name - 27 blurry up!) is a sheer white top coat that gradually lightens your polish colour with each coat. Just start with the base colour of your choice and then add the top coat in one of two ways;
1. Create a colour gradient on each nail by applying layers of top coat with increasing intensity towards the tip (like a glitter fade!) or,
2. Like we've done you can leave one nail the orginal colour and apply top coat to the other nails, adding another layer for each nail, creating an ombre effect mani.

I chose GOSH - Sea Foam* as a base for this mani as essence recommend using a darker colour for a more striking ombre effect. I left the pinky free from top coat and added a layer to each of the other nails. When this was dry I put another coat on my thumb, index and middle finger, and so on until I had 4 coats on my thumb, 3 on my index, 2 on my middle and 1 on my ring finger. I topped it all off with a coat of Seche. Obvs.
I have to admit I wasn't expecting much from this polish but the mani turned out pretty awesome! The ombre top coat was a tiny bit streaky on the nails with less coats which is irritating as you can't go over them to get rid of the patches. Once it was all dried I didn't notice it much though. It was really easy to create a fun and versatile mani, and you only have to have a little bit more patience than Emma - which I assure you is not hard! 

Essence polishes are available in Wilko stores across the UK and selected Superdrug shops. You can find a stockist near you using the Store Finder on the essence website, or by following their Facebook page. I can't find the RRP for this polish anywhere but essence products tend to be fairly easy on the pocket so you can add it to your wishlist without feeling too guilty!

You could probably create a similar look if you have a very sheer white polish in your collection. Or even make your own by mixing some white into a clear top coat!

What do you think, is ombre still on trend or are you over it now?

Jo x



  1. This looks great, I've never seen an ombré top coat before. I think it's still on trend, especially during the spring and summer months so I'm going to pop this in my basket next time I'm in Wilkos! Great review Jo! x

  2. Seems like a great idea for a super quick way to get an ombré. I do love an ombré main. Seems like it could get a bit thick as you make each nail lighter though and polish on me seems to crack when it's too thick. Great post to see what it can do though x


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