Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Emoji Nails for Beauty At Tesco

Phew! This mani was a lot harder than I anticipated. The lovely folk over at Beauty At Tesco asked us to create a few looks for them this month and as soon as I saw 'emoji' on the list I was like 'me, me me!' Poor Jo didn't even really get the option. God I wish I'd handed it over! I decided to go for emojis that I use frequently as it's be a little more personal but some of the emojis I love just do not work well on nails (dancing bunny girls I'm looking at you). The ring nail was the bain of my life in this design; I had originally settled on firm favourite heart eyes but I just could not get it right. So I had to go for the kiss blower in the end. You can see I completely effed up the eye as well! Who knew that emojis were so tricky to get right!

One of my fave posts on Hello Giggles is 13 Emojis That Don't Exist But Should as it taught me how to represent a unicorn (horse + sparkles) and also made me think of all the emojis I want. A middle finger would def be on the list. 

Are you emoji fans? What emojis would you like to see in the world?

You can follow Beauty at Tesco on InstagramPinterest, and Twitter, or visit their blog here.


Emma x 


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  1. These are fun nail design to do. They are always a ice breaker to start conversations.


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