Friday, 17 April 2015

Do it like a nude

Do Like A Nude* is one of my favourites from from Barry M's new Sunset Nail Paint collection, so I couldn't wait to use it for some nail art. A lovely soft and pale nude it lends itself perfectly as a nail art base. I love a negative space mani but my nails are not pretty enough to be left bare. This is a great way to get a similar look while covering up all the imperfections!

The inspiration for today's nail art came from all over the place. I have wanted to do something like this for a while, but it was the gorgeous design we posted on Instagram this week by @ninanailedit which really got me thinking. I loved her tiny individual blue flowers on a pale base. Mine are nowhere near as detailed, and I went for a nude with added polka dots, but I'd still like to credit her with some of the inspiration. I love Nina's work so expect to see more designs inspired by her soon!

I used a TON of Barry M polishes for this design:
Base: Three coats of Do It Like A Nude*; Dots: White Nail Art pen; Leaves: Spring Green, Key Lime and Watermelon; Flowers: Sky Blue*, Huckleberry*, Damson* and Drive Me Navy*
I took a lot of time over this design to try and get the flowers as detailed as possible. I love a good floral mani but sometimes I find my flowers lack detail and look a bit basic. The basic floral look can also be lovely but I wanted something a little more delicate this time. I feel like I half got it right, some of the flowers turned out really well, but they're a bit hit and miss! I am really annoyed that I added a flower in the middle of my index finger, I was trying to mix it up a bit but should have stuck with the pattern I'd started on the other three nails (I always start with my pinky for some reason - does anyone else do this?)!

I haven't done individual florals for ages, as I tend to cluster them together and fill any gaps with leaves. It was fun to do tiny little individal ones for a change. I drew the polka dots on first and then used them as a template for where to place the flowers. I would have preferred the flowers to be more randomly placed and sparser but that wasn't really an option with my tiny nails!

This is such a spring design and I love it! Please let us know what you think in the comments :)

Jo x

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