Sunday, 12 April 2015

Coachella Nail Art

Dahlia Nails
It's about this time each year that I wonder why I didn't save my pennies for Coachella. All the pics on Instagram are making me thoroughly jealous. I know we have some sunshine here but I would hardly call it shorts weather. All the lovely Coachella pics show all the pretty boho boys and girls in their shorts and sunnies with the odd flower in their hair enjoying the California heat. Sigh! As I can't be there I thought I'd bring the festival to my nails. 

Dahlia Nails
Last year I saw this mani on Popsugar and really wanted to try it but it was a bit off topic by the time I got around to it. There is a tutorial on the website but I had to go about things in a slightly different way as I don't have any sheer coloured polishes. Instead I went for a sponged gradient. I also drew the trees slightly differently as the tutorial advised to draw the leaves first but I find it easier to begin with the trunk. 
Dahlia Nails
I used three Barry M colours for my gradient: Turquoise, Pink Flamingo, and Lemon Ice Cream. I painted my nails with a coat of white first, allowed to dry, and then sponged on the colours. I painted a stripe of each colour directly onto the sponge and then applied to the nail. I made it a little bit tacky so that the colour stuck better. Then I repeated on each nail and went over a few times. I shifted the sponge up and down a bit to blend better. Because I'm lazy I used a coat of Seche before drawing on the design. 

I'm usually not very good at gradients so was really pleased with this. If you are heading to a festival this year the gradient would be quite nice with an aztec print over the top. Might have to try that myself actually!

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine today if you have it, 

Emma x

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