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Barry M: Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat

Today we've got another new Barry M collection to show you - yep another one!! This is the Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat collection - a two step gel manicure that needs no UV light. The seven gorgeous polishes combine with the specially designed topcoat to cure in natural daylight delivering a super glossy and resilient mani, perfect for summer holidays and festivals! 

There are seven gorgeous summer shades You Drive Me Navy*, Can't Get You Out Of My Red*, The Way You Make Me Teal*, Fuschia Generation*, I've Been Pinkin'*, Do It Like A Nude*, Peach For The Stars*. All you have to do is apply two coats of your chosen polish (no base coat necessary) and then finish it with the Daylight Curing Topcoat*, simple! Unfortunately, Barry M do state that this topcoat should only be used with the Sunset Nail Paints. We assume the magic only happens when you combine both and you can't get the same effect from the rest of your Barry M stash, damn!
The first thing we noticed about this collection was the stunning colour collection. After a Spring releases season full of pastels these were a very welcome sight (don't get us wrong, we LOVE pastels!) The second thing we noticed was that Barry M have stuck with their new flat rounded brush shape - woohoo! The new brush shape (shown above) is brilliant and makes it so easy to achieve the perfect mani. We hope this will make it into the main collection too at some point soon. 

Now, what you've all been waiting for, here are the swatches...

This beautiful navy is one of my favourites from the collection. It's got a beautiful formula, a lovely rich, dense colour and is totally opaque in two coats. This polish reacts slightly differently in each light condition, appearing lighter in daylight and darker under artificial light. I qualify a good navy as one which is dark enough to appear neutral and smart, but not too close to black - this is spot on! I can see myself wearing this to work a lot over summer.

Although this polish appears slightly orange toned in my images, I would actually say it leans toward the pink end of the scale. It's quite a cherry red in real life! I was a little worried on the first coat that this would be one of those annoying sheer reds but when the second coat went on it was totally opaque. The pink edge to it makes it slightly softer and easier to wear - I'm a bit of a pansy when it comes to rocking red nails, I just don't think my nubs can pull it off. I reckon I would dare it with this shade though, especially to compliment a cute summer dress!

Another beautiful shade, with a silky smooth formula, and super colour density. This polish is a dream! The colour is stunning, although not something I could see myself wearing too often as I just don't have the skin tone for it. If you're blessed with more tanned skin than myself 1. I'm jealous, 2. This polish is for you! 

This is my surprise favourite from the Sunset Nail Paint collection. I wasn't expecting it to be anything too exciting but as soon as I got one coat on I fell in love, it's an absolute stunner. The perfect berry/burgandy/plum mix, it will definitely be utilised frequently over summer. Most of my wardrobe is a similar colour so I'll either have to go matchy-matchy or buy some new clothes, ah well, nevermind! Again the formula is wonderful, think Gelly but even smoother, the brush is perfect and the colour density is brilliant. 10/10!

This is such a cute pink for summer - bright, girly and fun. It's got festival written all over it! Maybe not one for the office as it does lean a little towards Barbie, but it's saved by the warm undertones and richness of the colour. Barry M have created a bright girly pink that (we think!) is actually acceptable for adults to wear, yay! If you need a colour pop to go with a muted outfit, this is the one. 

On first impressions this looks like a white, but with closer investigation we discovered it's actually a really soft pale nude shade. We love it! This is one of our top three from the group as it's destined to be a staple. There is only one downside to this polish, it's pretty sheer meaning it does require three coats, but if you're patient enough it's well worth it. The actual colour is hard to pinpoint, we want to say it's a very very pale pinky peachy cream - yep totally nailed that clear and concise description! Whatever colour it is, it's definitely a beauty. 

Last but by no means least is Peach For The Stars*. This bright peach/coral shade is gorgeous, it doesn't go too well with my pale skin but will definitely be on my packing list for summer hols this year! It's like Barry M have turned summer into a nail polish and bottled it. I know a few people who will absolutely adore this rich summer shade. It was a tad streaky with two coats, but not enough to make it worth bothering with a third - I can't even notice it in the images. 

I used the Daylight Curing Topcoat* on all these swatches. It's easy to apply, fairly fast drying and super shiny. Although it does shrink a little around the edges like Seche Vite does, annoyingly. Barry M claim that the combination of Sunset Nail Paints and Daylight Curing Topcoat will provide up to 10 days of wear without budging. Clearly I couldn't test the 10 day rule on all these swatches but I have kept You Drive Me Navy* on my nails and will see how long it lasts without chipping. I have super bendy nails that I have to admit I take pretty poor care of, most polishes don't last 12 hours on me without chipping. I'll let you know how I get on!! 

In summary this is a must have collection for summer. All the polishes are silky smooth and the richness of colour is something I haven't seen from Barry M before. There will be some more Speedy Nail Paints and another Gelly joining the summer polish scene in May so keep an eye out for those too! 

Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat are available from 8th April in Superdrug and 15th April in Boots, RRP £4.99 each.

Which colours are on your wish list??

Jo x


  1. I'm loving the look of the nude, fuschia, red and navy... It's not like I don't already have similar colours ;)
    How long do they take to dry between coats? Are your nails still chip free??
    I might take a wander into Boots or Superdrug this week ;) x

  2. The nude and peach shades are my favourite!

    So with these, is it an absolute must to buy the topcoat to go with it? Or is the topcoat just to get maximum wear from the shades?


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