Saturday, 21 March 2015

What I Did For Love

I've been watching a lot of music channels recently as there just never seems to be anything else on. One plus is that I get so much inspiration from music videos. The inspo for this mani comes from David Guetta's 'What I Did For Love'. I got drawn into the song by Emeli Sande's beautiful voice and then noticed the pop arty style video and instantly knew that I wanted to come up with some matching nail art.

Now, the inspiration came quick for this but the actual execution took blinkin' ages. The three different versions here are just a handful of attempts and I'm still not convinced I got it 100% right. The vision I had initially was so different to what I ended up with. 
My middle nail was the only one that I was really happy with so that remained the same throughout. 

I'm a little bit sad that I didn't do the video quite the justice I had hoped for but it's all for fun I suppose. This isn't really a look that I would wear out and about unless I was going to a Guetta show!

Happy Saturday everyone! You might hear this if you're out tonight. 



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