Friday, 20 March 2015

Rimmel Glitter & Polka Dots

Rimmel sent us a press release this week and it was epic. They have launched an absolute TON of new polishes! While we wait to get out hands on them I had a root through the Rimmel drawer in my helmer and put something simple together.

The I polishes used are Disco Diva*, Blindfold Me Blue*, Keep Calm & Kiss*, Lose Your Lingerie* and Pillow Talk*. I saw a similar colour scheme on Pinterest and picked out the closest matching Rimmel's in my collection. I love the mix of light and dark, bright and pastel, oh and a little bit of glitter. Obvs. 

I used polka dots a glitter fade to bring the mani together, as the multi-colour approach needed some continuity. The dots were actually added with a Barry M nail art pen but seeing as Rimmel don't make nail pens I figured the polishes wouldn't mind Barry M crashing the party! Yes, I've just realised I've personified nail polish, the plot has finally been lost. 

I messed up the glitter fade a little and some of the glitter got a bit wedged under the polish. In hindsight Disco Diva* isn't the best polish for a glitter fade as the glitter pieces aren't really dense enough, it's just so pretty though!

This colour scheme is great for Spring and the cute dots and glitter fade are super simple so it's a quick and easy one to put together. 

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