Thursday, 5 March 2015

Purple Opulence

This design is a little bit of a mish mash of ideas I must admit. It started with the ring finger, which was inspired by a pattern I saw on Instagram, the rest then sort of fell into place around it. Somehow it actually turned out alright and I'm fairly pleased with the outcome! 
The ring finger pattern was an experiment which I had no idea would work. I started with a white base using Nicole By O.P.I - Yoga Then Yoghurt, then applied a thin coat of Seche to help it dry. Once the polish was completely dry I applied striping tape diagonally across the nail to create a sort if diamond grid. I then used a metal nibbed nail art pen to draw horizontal lines across the whole nail. Next I carefully peeled away the tape leaving the stripey diamonds patterns! I was pretty amazed it actually worked and was not as fiddly as I was expecting. 

Once I'd completed the ring finger I realised I had to decide on the rest of my fingers so went for an old favourite glitter, Barry M - Amethyst Glitter, and a Matte Rimmel - Purple Opulence. I was in the mood for it so added a few diamant├ęs at the end just to jazz up this already busy design a little more! I think I might have gone a little overboard but ah well, I like it! 

I topped it all with a matte top coat as I've got a bit of a thing for matte glitter at the moment.

I need a new nail pen as my good one has blocked and my back up is uber runny so it's impossible to get thin lines. The lines in this design were meant to be a lot thinner! Does anyone have any recommendations for a metal nibbed nail art pen that won't gunk up really quickly?? 



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